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Vehicle Titles, Registration and Plates FAQ's


Vehicle Titles, Registration & Plates FAQ

What documents are required to register a vehicle?

Title and proof of insurance when buying from an individual. If vehicle is purchased from a dealer we need all the paperwork the dealer gives you. Valid identification.

What are the title fees?

$7.20 plus sales tax. $8.20 for duplicate title.

What is the sales tax?

State is 2.9%

What documents are required for a permit?

Bill of sale or title

Proof of Insurance

Valid Identification

How much are license plates?

There are several different things that determine the cost to register a vehicle like the year, the weight, and taxable value.  It is best to contact the County Clerk’s Office for a quote.

What kind of plates do you offer?

Colorado offers over 100 different plates.  You can see all your options license plate options at

What is required to register an out of state vehicle?

You will need the title (or the current registration if you’re Finance Company has the title), proof of insurance and valid identification.  If vehicle is purchased from an out of state dealer we need all the paperwork the dealer gives you.

What are the fees to file a security agreement?

The fees to file a security agreements are $5.00 per page for 81/2 x 11, and/or $10.00 per page for 81/2 x 14 or longer.

What is the fee for a temporary permit?

The fee for a temporary permit is $7.08.